Australian Shipped Package Bees - wanted - supplier of package or nucleus

Hello All,

I’m from far far north Queensland and can’t find a nucleus to save myself. I’m about 400 km north of cairns so whilst travelling (with three children under 5) is an option, distance can be tyrannical.

I’m desperately hoping to find a supplier who is prepared to ship one (but more likely several - there are a few of us up here needing a supplier) packages with queens and bees and/or nucs.

I’m happy to pay for couriered shipping, or other delivery methods, and am happy to pay for the trouble of shipping a small order.

Any help or ideas would be hugely appreciated.

Cheers and thanks, Lana

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I don’t know if you already have any hives or not but this might be interesting for you if you do.
Sustainable apiary -

Good luck,

Hi Mark. Very very cool and have one already along with my old hive :slight_smile: Just need to populate. Desperate to see it working.

Apparently it’s the flowhive that has decimated nuc supplies from townsville up. So fabulous for our little flying friends and flowhive, but we’re still lonely for bees at our house.

The problem is they are so darn addictive!

So still looking for a nuc unless you can populate without one. And I’ve never done that before.

Advice? Thoughts?

Hi Lana, I’m able to sell you a colony with a young queen in the coming weeks. If you can organize the couriered shipping, that would be great. I’m in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. I’d have try & locate one of those cardboard nuc boxes I guess.

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Ah, but how sweet-natured might that queen be, Jeff? :imp:

It is interesting, in the US, there is a problem with shipping nuclei. Packages and queens can be shipped (but packages only by the US Postal Service), but not bees on frames. Nuclei have to be trucked by the vendor, or picked up by the buyer. Funny old world it is. :wink:

I’m sure your bees are gorgeous and sweet :innocent:

I can get you a nuc box and send it down ahead of time. And will talk to a few couriers on Monday!

Jeff, you’re a honey (I’ve taken to dad puns with my third child. Sigh).

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Hi Dawn, Lana is over 2,000 km. N of me. So it would have to be via a courier & I’d have to make sure the bees couldn’t escape:).

Wow, same state… Oz is even hugerer than Umerica!!! :smile:


Hi Lana,
Looks like you have someone who could possible help you out. Hope that works out! If you get a chance to watch the video on the sustainable apiary there is a lot in his discussion that could help you plan and grow into more colonies. Splitting or making your own nucs seems like the way to go. And yes they are very addictive. Looking forward to a great honey flow and trying out the flow frames. Good luck!

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Thank you.

Cooktown is a beautiful little town and very production orientated. Lots of chickens, market gardens. We live in a mango orchard 29th a lot of experimentation with unusual tropical fruit. Husband is a bit of a gardener.

We’ve also got quite a few friends who are watching and wanting to learn bees so flowhive will be great for them to watch. Plus it will be fabulous to be able to split a few hives locally (longer term) :chicken::honeybee:

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Laughing. Not quite. Just fewer states… Actually… No I’m pretty sure we’re not bigger than America :slight_smile:

And I’m reading and watching everything in site. I’m an eternal student :slight_smile:

Of course you are!!! Something has to make up for you being upside down on the surface of the planet!!! :smile:

Isn’t that why were tilted:)

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Ah, I think you’re thinking of the kangaroos

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Hi Lana,
we do have a few 5 frame nucs left, (we have sold over 700 this season) we are located in central NSW, whilst shipping of live bees in Australia is not allowed we have used a transport company called DOG MOVERS, they are based in southern QLD, you could google their name for their contact number, hope this helps,
thanks regards Garry

Hello, after days tracking I’ve found 2 in townsville. Only an 8 hour drive home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Buying 2 x 4 frame nucs. They are selling in the boxes. VERY pleased. And I’m very grateful for all your help.

Just a few quick questions, is anyone able to advise me about long distance travel with this set up? I’ll take gear and a smoker to be safe. Shade cloth to wrap them in (just to be on the safe side). Anything else?

Hi Lana:), your most welcome. The main considerations would be stores for the bees, ventilation for the bees & importantly, make sure they can’t escape, especially if they’re in the car with you. Drive carefully & DON’T have any accidents.

PS also make sure the frames are nice & tight & can’t wobble around.

Good luck with it, cheers:)

Grin. I figured the accident bit :wink:

I’ve a box sewn of shade cloth I’ll pop them in. Ventilation and average air con.

It’s probably a 10 hour trip when I factor in a few rest stops. Will the comb in the nuc be sufficient for stores? We’ll transfer them when we get home (evening) and pop some grass in the entrance overnight so they can get used to their new hive.

Thanks heaps for all help :slight_smile:

Try putting a flywire top on the nuc for ventilation but if you are running the air con there is probably no real advantage so long as they have screen over the entrance for ventilation. As for the the grass when you get home, don’t worry. That trick is for close relocations, they will orientate with no prompts after a ten hour drive. If there is enough room in the nc I would just put them in the final position of the hive and open the entrances. They will orientate to this position, settle down and get on with life. After a few days you can transfer them into their final accomodation.

Just some thoughts.