Package Bee Orders Starting Now in the US! 😊

Hi all, I just got an early bird e-mail from Mann Lake with a great deal on package bees for next season (Spring 2020). I ordered 2 packages from them earlier this year, and they have been superb, gentle bees. They are bred by Olivarez Honey Bees, who have previously supplied my favorite queens when needed. The price is even lower this year than it was last year.

I already have placed my order to replace my poisoned hive, but I would encourage anyone interested to get their orders in soon, as they do run out early in some areas.


I have italians but at this point they could be mutts. Now the man introduced to me on the forum who goes by @2dollarbill has a different type though the name escapes me and they were honey prolific! His first year hive and honey surplus was spectacular! I might buy a nuc from his supplier.

Olivarez supplies a lot of queens to Canada…Saskatraz winter well here…but not always available. Italians are virtually not used here anymore as they have been displaced by Carniolans. Italians got the reputation of burning through thier winter stores too fast as they didn’t shut down brood rearing early…but I want to give the Italians a try again…some sources say they still are top honey producers…what are your thoughts Martha?

What size of package do you prefer Dawn_SD?

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Mann Lake only offers one size, @Doug1. They are 3lb packages. The last one I got was superb quality with only a couple of hundred dead bees in the bottom, even after 3 days in transit.