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Mann Lake Top Feeder


Greetings. Because of the volume of sugar water I decided to try the Mann Lake top feeder. Bees dont seem too enthusiastic. More dead bees than I thought I would see. Now, how do I get the dead bees out with sugar water in the feeder? Do I have to take the three top three screws out and lift up the screen? Thanks a bunch!! Dale


Use the Brushy Mountain top feeders. They have 8 and 10 frame models. Easy to clean. You will have some dead/drown bees, but not too many. You don’t need any tools to take out the floating screens and remove dead bees. Just your hive tool.


I have the one you’re talking about. I didn’t have any drowned bees after 3 days but some did find their way through the screen somehow. I just got half the screen pulled up and kinda shook them out of it. It works a lot better without the inner cover on… they find it much easier. Or you could just set it outside the hive when its empty and they’ll find their way out. Overall I liked it. All feeders seem to be a pain to get the bees out of.