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Mark a Forum as Read?


Sometimes I read several posts in a particular forum and have no interest in the other posts but would like to mark them as read. Any way to do that?


From the hamburger menu at the top, select ‘New’

At the bottom of the ‘New’ page there is a button that says ‘Dismiss New’, which should do what you need.


Thanks for trying, but it doesn’t really work. It gets the NEW entries off the list but it still leaves the new posts on an existing post.


This may help answer the question


Maybe I am not phrasing my question right. Of the topics listed in a particular forum, I want to read 5 out of 8. After reading the 5 I would like to mark the other 3 as read without opening them and closing them. A button like Mark All As Read would be very handy.


I know exactly what you’re asking, it’s a common feature in other forum software.

The link I provided above includes posts from the author of the software that Flow use, this post is specifically relevant.


Thanks! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Other forums I frequent have the feature and I was sure this one would too. But I now understand the logic–even if I disagree (LOL).