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Unable to edit or delete a recent post


I tried to edit a recent post, but found the only option I had was to flag my own post. I knew that we couldn’t edit or delete real old posts, but not posts only 3 or 4 days old.


I’ve said it before and I still think editing a post can throw a whole thread out of context which makes for a poor read. I think 24 hr should be the limit for editing.
I always reread what I write mainly due to stoopid autocorrect but also because I like to make sure I’m saying what I want to before I hit the reply button.
But that’s just me.


I reread what I type also. I use spell check, that keeps my spelling on par. At least U.S. par. I tried to tone down something that I said the other day, which would have maintained the context, but not look like I’m shouting.


Hi Jeff,
I’ll have a look for you. I thought you could just click the little edit button.

I’ll let you know soon :slight_smile:


It is because of the timeframe. It was on 24 hours. I have increased it a bit to 5 days.
Let me know if it gets out of hand @skeggley and I can change it back :slight_smile:


Thanks Faroe, that worked well.