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Unable to edit or delete a recent post


I tried to edit a recent post, but found the only option I had was to flag my own post. I knew that we couldn’t edit or delete real old posts, but not posts only 3 or 4 days old.


I’ve said it before and I still think editing a post can throw a whole thread out of context which makes for a poor read. I think 24 hr should be the limit for editing.
I always reread what I write mainly due to stoopid autocorrect but also because I like to make sure I’m saying what I want to before I hit the reply button.
But that’s just me.


I reread what I type also. I use spell check, that keeps my spelling on par. At least U.S. par. I tried to tone down something that I said the other day, which would have maintained the context, but not look like I’m shouting.

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Hi Jeff,
I’ll have a look for you. I thought you could just click the little edit button.

I’ll let you know soon :slight_smile:

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It is because of the timeframe. It was on 24 hours. I have increased it a bit to 5 days.
Let me know if it gets out of hand @skeggley and I can change it back :slight_smile:


Thanks Faroe, that worked well.


@Faroe although I’m anti extended editing so continuity of threads aren’t compromised, there’s no preview function so to sort loaded photos and label is hit and miss so to preview you need to post then edit then the post gets an edit red flag.
Any chance of a preview function? :flushed:


As you know, we get 5 minutes to edit a post without any “edit red flag” showing up. I can’t see anything wrong with an edited post anyway.

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Hi skeggly,

I don’t quite understand sorry.

When I write a post and add a photo or 3, I can see how the post will look on the right-hand-side. This is called the “preview”.

Example photo:


I dragged up the window so you could see the full preview on the right.

See down the bottom right it “hide preview”.
Have you got your preview window minimized?

I also don’t see anything wrong with editing posts, if it’s not changing the whole meaning of the post.


I think 24 hours is too long.


I think in 99.99% of cases, editing a post only enhances the comment & most likely makes them easier to read or saves the poster from starting a new comment when an afterthought can be added to the original post.

I like to correct my spelling & grammar, (to the best of my ability) if I spot a mistake later on.