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Editing or Deleting Old Posts/Replies


I’m noticing that I can’t delete or edit any old posts/replies. Is there a way around this?


To conserve the continuity of threads most fouri lock out edits after a set amount of time

You can go in and edit typos or add information you forgot but after that it locks.


Thanks Sara, I figured if I REALLY want to remove something, I could flag my own post & give the reason that I want it removed. Thanks again, bye


Spot on Sara and JeffH if you have written something a while ago that you feel is important to remove or be changed you are welcome to PM me or Faroe and we have the permission to edit older posts.

How to send a PM?

Hi Jake, I haven’t seen you for a while, I wondered if you were still there or on holidays. It’s nothing important I wanted to edit. I just wanted to change something I was embarrassed I said, but found I couldn’t. It’s ok. I’ll talk to ya later, are you picking up any swarms?