Material to make hive roofs from?

I am in the final stages of putting together my horizontal hives- one of the last jobs is deciding what material to use for my hive roofs. The frame of the roofs will be made of wood- but I was hoping to find some other material to make the actual roof from. I was wondering if there was a suitable white plastic- that can handle years in the direct sun. I found a product called ‘boat board’ it is a white UV stable plastic and comes in 6.3mm thickness and large sheets- it is used as an alternative to marine ply.

However I am not wedded to using plastic- i would consider any suitable material- ideally something with a good insulation value. I am considering covering thin plywood with galvanized metal or alloy, using a sheet of corrugated iron, of ‘mini-orb’ or anything else that is cost effective and will do the job. I would be interested in any possibilities or ideas.

To give you an idea of what I am after here is a pic of the hives I am assembling:

I just make a roof with 12mm marine ply and screw a sheet metal cover on top. Lasts for ages. Then again we have had ply roofs that are painted last for years too.


I’m guessing one of those is what I’ll end up using. I was hoping there was some composite material- insulated maybe- that would be easily had- but not so far. The white plastic ‘boat board’ could be good- it’s made of recycled plastic and is a substitute for marine ply- I might try some of that as well.

When you cover with metal what do you use? Aluminum? How thick? Do you fold it over at the edges?

I’d love to use thin copper like these ones:

Price might call a halt on that though.

But it’ll look a treat.