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McDonalds & Bees

Just saw this in a travel trade paper. Great for awareness, but wouldn’t this cause issues with spreading of disease etc?!

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Hmm- dress up a beehive in corporate get-up, to cash in on the PR potential surroundinggrowing public concern for bees. Meanwhile continue to make low quality food, employ low paid workers, produce mountains of waste, and deforest the Amazon for production of low grade burger meat.


Well !

We’ve address corporate issues here or food quality, waist, wages, deforestation n etc … but !!!

What about the idea n concept … is having a hive around for feral bees good, bad or unholy idea :bulb:?! This is the underlying question really !! How about your thots.

Looking :eyes: forward to your comments…

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@Gerald_Nickel, it seems to be just a regular bee colony that someone is managing. They have just dressed it up with the McDonald’s paraphernalia for fun and advertising.

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The Macca’s hive made me smile but to answer your question about having a spare hive sitting in the apiary for any ferals, etc. I would be a bit nervous about that practice. Over the years
I do spits or weakening of a hive to control swarming, as a last option I kill the queen. A full working hive is a very saleable item to folks wanting to get into the hobby.
I would have the fear of a problem being introduced into my apiary. But on the other side, I take frames of honey randomly from hives home for extracting then take the stickies back to the apiary to refit into hives to take more frames of honey home to complete the circle, so to say. I figure if all my hives are healthy then I am ok with that practice. That is how I did my extracting 40+ years ago when I was semi-commercial.
Cheers Gerry, Peter

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Actually, after reading a bit more on it, it’s in celebration of the managed hives on McDonald’s stores in Sweden and appears to be a managed hive rather than what the article says.

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