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McDonald's unveils "McHive," flogs it for charity

Well I guess every corporation. The good the bad and the ugly, and I’m not saying where this one lies has a tree hugger or two.


Are bees really in that much trouble. I’ve been on this forum since shortly after the flow hive was launched. I have never seen one person have trouble accessing bees. Plenty of trouble after they do access them, but no trouble accessing & re-accessing bees. That tells me that bees are in good shape.


Jeff in some parts of the world bee numbers are decreasing (parts of Nth America and Europe) but world wide the number of managed hives are increasing. Mainly thanks to increases in Africa, middle(ish) east and Asia. As most of our “news” comes from America and Europe it is no wonder we have a perception different to the reality.

As a side note it has been estimated that the total economic contribution of bees to the Australian economy is ~$14.4b, of this only ~$110m is from hive related products (honey, wax and propolis).


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I totally love the branded help!

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