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Hello, im interested in learning if anyone has experience adapting Melipona beecheii (stingless bees native to central america, mexico and brazil) to a flow hive structure. Any information would help. I know that local bee keepers in the Yucatan have successfully bred these bees in standard hives as opposed to the more traditional log hollows however id really like some info on how the honey would preserve in the flow box as the honey type is quite different from that of the traditional honey bee


These guys are way too small, also note they use small cells and a spiral brood & honey structure. Not suited to a langstroth box. We have a very similar bee in Australia which won’t adapt to using removable frames in a hive. Typically they are kept in small boxes so they can form their spiral structures. Only produce half to one kilo of honey which will destroy the hive if taken. There are supers which can be adapted, but it’s touch n go as to then success of a honey crop.