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Mesh screen on top of flow hives, which way?


Between the hive roof and the flow hive tops, I have a mesh screen ( I assume to keep any flies out ) and don’t which way it goes.

I’ve put it so it touches the flow hive, Thinking that they can’t get around the top to the next cavity.

If I have it the other way they’d be able to get around the top of the flow hive to the next section. I didn’t do it this way thinking that they’d build wax between the mesh and the flow hive, making it near impossible to ever remove a flow hive for cleaning/ inspection.

So I suppose the question is.
Should there be a gap at the top of the flow hive for the bees to get around to the next segment?
If so will flip my mesh screen.



If you have the Full Flow Hive I’m Sure you are talking about the Queen Excluder.

It Goes over the brood Box Before the Flow Honey Super to keep the Queen out of the super.


Not the queen excluder.
It’s a fine mesh supplied with my super that prevents bugs and the like getting through the top vents of the roof, and into the super, from up top.


That’d be your screen bottom board I’d imagine onrbikes.
On the subject of qx however, is there a correct way up?


Only if it has a frame.
If there is a frame then it is usually deeper one side than the other. Langs are top bee space so the excluder goes shallow side down creating a bee space on top and under the bottom bars of the frames above.


A photo would help. :slightly_smiling:


A photo would be good. Do you have the assembly instructions?
I think you are talking about the screened bottom board. Which goes at the bottom of the hive, not at the top.

The assembly instructions are now available online - http://www.honeyflow.com/about-flow/flow-hive-assembly-modifications/p/142



At the very bottom?

This seems more like a bug screen.
The hive kits came with no instruction. I suppose most people (me included) would just know how to put them together.
It all seems a very secret society.

I’m actually leaning to the mesh down. That way the bees can’t build any wax around the top of the flow hive units.


Well, I don’t know much, but that doesn’t look like a standard Flow hive part to me…


Not sure what to advise. Sorry!


Not sure where you got hat from but it could be used as a SBB (Screened Bottom Board) that is not a QX (Queen Excluder) or Crown board (Feeder Cover) even?

It could be a ventilation tool??


Maybe it’s a travel screen?
Mine look a bit like that; a simple framed varroa mesh.


I don’t know it’s purpose, but I would guess a bottom. If you put it on the way it is in the picture the 3/4" between the top bars and the screen will be filled with burr comb. I’m pretty sure that is a bottom board. i have seen hives with a screened inner cover, but it’s quickly propolized shut by the bees anyway, so I never could figure out the purpose.


I have just checked your order and can see you ordered 3 x & Flow Frames.
I was confused - because I thought you had order a Complete Flow Hive with a screened bottom board.
So, did you order this part from another bee keeping supplier? If so - you need to ask them what this part is, and where it goes. As we can’t advise on parts that aren’t bought from www.honeyflow.com


This is a Lang bottom board

I still think it’s a travel screen


The OP’s picture almost looks like a device used to place 2 nucs on top of a 10 frame Langstroth hive. The idea is that the heat from the full size Langstroth will rise and aid in keeping the nucs warm over the winter.


Oh no, no, no!!! :smile:

What you mean is that the cold air from the nuclei will fall!!! :wink:

Sorry, just kidding around, but i couldn’t resist it. :blush:


Hey, don’t “pressure” me lol


It’s all just a rumour “Circulating” what you might call a “Bee Convection”


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