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Midway through and they're still alive!


Well I’m ecstatic!! We used foundationless with the package we installed last year and then didn’t take any honey from them. Fed them in the fall and then have put fondant in the hive as that is what the local beekeepers recommended for feed and to help with humidity. Didn’t wrap the hive as here it seems to be 50/50 due to condensation worries. I was worried because we had a really cold Nov/Dec where it seemed like it was -20 to -40 most days and I was a little concerned about them dying!!! Had a chinook about two weeks ago and checked on them to replenish fondant and they appear to be alive and well! Today we are having another chinook and they were out for cleansing flights!!!
Fingers crossed that the hive stays healthy and strong and for an early spring ( hahaha, Albertans always want an early Spring at this point in the winter Preformatted textmonths, it isn’t likely to happen!!)

Adding a second hive this Spring like it has been recommended and I’m very excited to be entering a second year of beekeeping! Thanks so much for all of the support here, I really couldn’t have done it without all the information shared!!! I love beekeeping!!