Flow Frame Separate Delivery

I received the complete wooden portion of my order on December 21 but I did not get the flow frames. When I look at my order it shows that they are shipped/received. I am confused as when I am supposed to receive these parts so I can complete the build of my order. Has anyone else had this issue with them being shipped separately?

The Frames and Hive Box will arrive separately as they are made in 2 different countries - The frames will be with you soon don’t worry

Thank you, I didn’t know this was going to happen and I have bees on the way! Hoping they get here before the bees! Do you know if I can track them separately?

There is no panic you will not required the Frames until after the bees are settled - Your in the USA?

The Flow frames will only go on after the bee numbers have been built up and the Nectar is coming in.

Go to http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3 and ask the team or back to your order and check from there

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Thank you! I l’ll look into this!

I did get an email ahead of time to let me know that there will be 2 separate deliveries

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Even if you have a Nuc on the way it will be some time before you actually need the flow frames. They will need to finish off the frames with wax on the 8 brood frames before they will likely bother with the flow


I received my Flow Frames yesterday, however I did not receive my Ceder Bee hive.

ORDER 10919278

I am having the same issue. Waiting for the flow frames. No response from FlowHive.

Bees coming soon! :frowning:

Don’t panic ! Your new bees only need the lower brood box for awhile with the 8 wooden frames. They will be busy drawning out the wax cells for awhile.

Question for you. Where do you live ? Many regions like mine here east of Seattle use double brood boxes. I’d check with your local suppliers, clubs n other beekeepers in your area. See what system of hive boxes they use.

Here in cooler Washington State we mostly use the double brood box system so the honey supers ( Flow-Super) probably wouldn’t get use this first season at all. If you need the double system there. Check with Beethinking.com. They build the Flow-hive n made cedar boxes that match your new setup.

. Hope this info will be helpful. Also I have found reading a couple of good beekeeping books helpful n rewarding at easing my apprehensions.

Good luck n happy beekeeping,