Mixing Flowhive & Langstroth boxes

Dear All
Can you please advise;
Are the dimensions of the 6-frame Flowhive exactly the same as the 8-frame Langstroff ?
I am hoping to keep my 6-frame Flowhive Super and underpin it with an 8-frame Langstroff brood box.
Kind Regards

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The basic answer is yes. The more accurate answer is that manufacturers vary the exact dimensions slightly, and the boxes may vary by as much as 5mm (1/4 inch). In reality, that doesn’t matter, because as long as you center the boxes on top of each other, they fit perfectly well. From a distance, you probably wouldn’t even notice any slight overhang.

I have one full Flow hive classic (6 frame) and several traditional 8-frame Langstroth hives. The super fits perfectly on all of my hives. :wink:


Many thanks Dawn.
That confirms my own measuring.
ie the slight difference in size does not prevent mixing the two types of boxes.
Kind rgds Trevor


The only issue you might have is the Flow hive roof after removing the super.

I’ve a uk bought 8 frame langstroth brood box and after removing the Flow Hive super the flowhive roof doesn’t fit over the langstroth brood box.

I’ve had to buy a traditional 8 frame langstroth flat roof.

I only have single brood on my hives and cycles out the Flow Hive brood box this season to clean.

Not the end of the world