FlowHive Compatibility?

I have 2 FH2+.(7 frame).

Are these compatible with standard hives if I want to add a regular super or brood box in the future?
Could I use a medium frame or small between the Brood box and the Super…Or are the FH dimensions unique from standard hives?

Hi BK,
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Flow hives are compatible with Langstroth hives. If you have a 7-frame flow super, then it’ll work with a 10 frame Langstroth box (whether it be shallow, medium etc). Some people, like me, use 1 1/2 brood boxes over winter as it suits the climate. Some use a single (warmer climates) while others use a double brood box configuration (colder).


I already like your Dane very much. My last 2 danes were blues… beautiful color. Our current (Karen) is our 1st rescue. And she is our best girl yet.

I’ve priced adding additional brood boxes to my flowhives and it will cost me $160 for 2 “10 brood frames” plus the cost to ship them to the U.S… For as much as I’ve spent, it would be kinda nice to save a little and buy some cedar (or cyprus??) brood boxes local… just wasn’t sure if that would work ok with the FH dimensions.

I’ve seen several on here say “hopefully FH will come out w/ mediums soon”. I didn’t understand that if other manufacturers boxes are compatible. Unless of course they are referring to the flow frames themselves?

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Hi there! Welcome to the forum, love your dog. Flow boxes are compatible with Langstroth equipment. You do not need to order any of the ‘woodenware’ from Flow - just visit a local beekeeping supply place or check the online US based suppliers like Dadant or Betterbee.

If others want Flow to come out with mediums, maybe you’re right and they’re talking about the frames? Perhaps because they’d be lighter to work with…

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Like was already mentioned, 10 frame langstroth boxes are equivalent to a 7 frame size flow super. Keep in mind, however, that there is likely to be some minor size variation and sometimes the gabled flow roof will not fit over the non-flow boxes. My suggestion is to order from a local/us supplier but pay close attention to the outside dimensions to be sure that your roof will fit.

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