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Mobile App - Varroa Detection


I want to introduce you to ziBees. A free smartphone application that uses artificial intelligence to improve the process of managing an apiary.

We analyse pictures of the hive frames and detect the number of the bees in the picture and the number of bees with varroa mites. In the future, we want to detect other important elements.
We want to know your opinion about the application. Your involvement can contribute to the introduction of new functionalities in the future.

In April we are starting closed beta tests. We want to test the application and collect pictures of hive frames, to constantly improve the algorithm.

You can sign up for beta tests by visiting our website www.zibees.co or directly via the link: http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/zibees/


Counting varroa mites in bees?
Are you a beekeeper?
Did you know that most varroa is in the brood and that phoretic varroa hide in the abdominal segments of the adult bee?
By the time you can count varroa in bees the colony is in serious trouble.
I feel if you are using any visual counting method you are doomed to failure.



Dee is correct… normally by the time I starting seeing mites on my bees … the colony is in disaster mode. The greatest portion of varroa mites are hidden from sight within the capped combs of the frames. Your not going to be able to picture these. This is why using oxilic vapors we have to repeat three times in a row.

Good luck,