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New Apps (BeeScanning)


Hi guys, check this apps. They said this apps can scan varroa mites you just need to take a photos.

you can see in this link:

Björn Lagerman

This is not my project, but it’s interesting to see :slight_smile:


Does it work? Would be interesting to know before downloading.


Still in project development I think, they ask peoples for fund it :slight_smile:


Surely they have tested it on their own colonies


Yes, you can see in the videos, they said they need money to develop that technology for the users.


My understanding from reading their info is that they ask for both financial and technical help: those backing the project with more than 400 SEK (~= $46) will get early access to the tool that allows to mark mites in photos, which will be used to train the machine learning models. The more labeled photos they have, the better the neural network will get at recognizing the varroa in photos.

I haven’t seen photos in my pictures of frames yet, but I haven’t taken many. I will pay more attention to it from now on, and I encourage everyone, especially experienced beekeepers, to help this project with labeled photos, as that would help everyone (I’m in no way affiliated with this project, just considering backing it).


There is a drawback to all this…
Once you see mites on the bees the colony is in real trouble.
Mostly the phoretic mites hide between the bees’ tergites and are invisible.
You need a way to measure the number of mites BEFORE it spells doom and there are ways already


Absolutely. But if this tool can help less experienced beekeepers to even realize that they have a serious problem and ask for help, IMHO it is a worthwhile endeavor. Of course, a reasonable argument can be made that people should be more responsible and not keep bees without a mentor that can help them detect and deal with pests early on… but that doesn’t always happen.