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Modifying the Flow 2 Brood into an AZ-style brood box

An AZ hive requires its own building, but we can modify the Flow Hive into an AZ-style free-standing brood box easily enough.

Simply put, do not attach the rear wood panel to the brood box. Dry-fit it and assemble the front and sides. Attach a bracing rod along the back at the top and bottom; remove material from the rear wooden panel to accommodate.

Inside the brood box, route out three channels 10mm wide, 10mm deep, and 20mm high from the bottom. One channel in the center, one at the back, and one 20mm from the front. Drill a 10mm hole to a total depth of 20mm at the top of these channels.

Bend a 10mm metal rod to two 90-degree angles, with 20mm leading to the end, a 30mm drop, and a bend away into a Z formation. Insert this into one of those holes drilled above and it will run along the bottom of your brood box to the opposite end. Perform the same metal work there, sink the rod in, and now you have three rods along the bottom, with a 10mm rise.

You will want to adjust the above to the diameter of your rod, which should be 6mm-10mm, no more than 10mm.

Plane the tops of your frames down if they stick up above the bottom of the brood when resting on these rods.

To inspect your brood, pull the back panel off. You will see each frame in front of you. Grasp the frame and draw it toward you, sliding on top the metal rods. The frames will be perpendicular to the rods, and will easily slide out of the hive.

If you want to move the brood box, you may wish to screw the back panel in place so it doesn’t fall off while carrying it, as unlikely as that may be.