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Mold on my landing board

Hello, hoping to get some advice on how much of a problem this is. The hive is in my yard and gets morning sun, 4 hrs in winter and 6 summer, not really an option to move from this location. The landing board as black mold, I’ve cleaned it once with just hot water, reduced it but not eliminated. No sign of mold anywhere else, checked roof but too cold to open the hive, but no signs previously. It’s painted white, outdoor house paint. I can’t seem to find any info on how to control or if it’s a problem. Thanks.

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Normal, mostly unavoidable in humid areas. You can take a swipe at it with a very mild bleach solution on a quite night if it bothers you, as long as the bleach is very mild it should not bother the bees. Or just leave it :smile:

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It will be covered by the dirt from innumerable bee feet passing over it soon enough.


I think you might find it is from dirty feet marks rather than mold on the landing board. That is where there is the most foot traffic. I have had mold issues inside of my hives but never on the landing board.
But if it is mold a wipe with a cloth with a little bleach should fix the issue without upsetting the bees too much.