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Mosquito spraying Merus 3

I got notice that my city will be spraying for adult mosquitos tomorrow night about an hour after sunset with a truck. I have read the posts I can find about blocking exit and covering with damp sheet.

Seems like the product breaks down pretty quickly in the light and there really isn’t much to forage on close by for the bees. Would it suffice just to make sure they’re covered and I’ll run the sprinklers and make sure there’s new fresh water?

The info on the product, Merus 3 seems to downplay the effect on bees and beneficial insects… thoughts?


Hi @chau06.
Pyrethrin has residual toxicity (RT) under 2.5 hours for bees. Do not run sprinklers. Cold and humid conditions usually extend RT of insecticides.

Just close the hive for that night. Replace water supply next morning before releasing your bees.

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Personally I would still close off the entrance and cover with a damp sheet to prevent any drift of aerosol into the hive. If you hear them drive by, I would take the sheet off and open the hive about 3 hours later. If you don’t, I would get up at 6am and do it then. That stuff is pretty toxic, or it wouldn’t work on mosquitoes. Nice that they let you know though!