Moth Crystal smell

Located in Pennsylvania, USA.
Over the winter season, I stored my Flow super in a lidded, plastic box with moth crystals…the “safe” ones. (Not looking for comments on this…it’s already done.)

Here’s my problem: Now that I’m wanting to add my super to the hive, the smell is still very strong. (I have aired it out in the sun for over a week.) Will this affect my honey? What has been your experience with using moth crystals on stored supplies and particularly the Flow super?

Thanks in advance!

I would say keep airing them out until you can smell it and hope it doesn’t repel the bees or taint your honey.

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I can’t answer your question, but maybe @Freebee2 knows somebody who can. However, I can say that direct sunlight on Flow frames is not a good thing. It makes the plastic brittle because of the UV exposure. If you need to air the frames, I would do it in a shaded place :wink:

or wash it with water. Have you tried that?

Bicarb is good for getting rid of odours

Hi Alicia,
I haven’t heard of anyone doing this before sorry, but I would try mixing white vinegar with water and a little bicarb (this is a pretty good all purpose odour removing mix) and sitting the frames in that for a couple of hours. Then flush the frames with warm (but not hot) running water and air them in semi shade.
Would you please let us know if this helps (or you find something that does) in case someone else has this issue?
Best of luck :crossed_fingers:

Hi Alicia and welcome! Wax moths have laid waste to my stored equipment in the past, so now I spray with an as-directed solution of Bt Aizawai strain, sold in our area as XenTari:

Please note that it will kill the larvae of beneficials like butterflies too, so handle and store with extreme care.

Good luck with your Fframes :+1: