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Moving old brood frame to outside edge of nuc colony recently moved to 8 frame box

Hello brains trust! I recently moved a five frame nuc into an 8 frame box but discovered that I had forgotten one of the five frames was a really old brood frame which I had used because it housed a queen cell used in the original split (which became the nuc). I want to cycle that frame out but let the brood emerge. If it were a full box of bees I would have to put it in the roof as we’ve discussed before. Since it’s a smaller colony working on drawing out frames, do you think if I were to move the old frame to the outside edge of the box and move the one (or two? )frames the bees are drawing between it and the rest of the brood nest, that the brood could emerge but the queen would not cross the new frames to lay in it again so soon? I’d like to go back in a couple of weeks and remove it - hopefully empty. What do you think my chances are?

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That is what I would do…


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Thanks Dawn, I actually did that earlier but thought it brought up search options and did not click on anything. This time I did - all sorted now.

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It’s been a couple days since your post ! Are your :honeybee: bees in the frame capped yet. If not it needs to kept closer to middle so nurse Bee’s can do there thing. If they are capped pupae setting out at the wall-frame position should be okay. Make sure the Queen isn’t ahead of you laying more eggs.

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