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Mowing and trimming around hive

How do you cut grass around the hives?

I use a petrol powered lawn mower and a whipper sniper and wear a bee suit, I even cut under the hives that are on stands.

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You can rent a goat.


I love the rent a goat idea except we have playful German shepherds who might like the taste of goat lol!

However I don’t seem to have any issue with the whipper snipper or mower I do however wear a veil JUST IN CASE… face stings are not something I want to risk my luck on.

I think slow fluid movements do help though!

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Try to hold your breath while mowing past the hive. They target the CO2 we exhale. They’ll probably go nuts on the mower on account of the CO2 it puts out.

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i mow and whipper snip around my hives, i think a mower would be more concern than my c02

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Ever notice them attacking the spark plug?

have four hives here at the house and they have never made a move toward me at all, so no never mate, I wear a suit when doing around their hive with the whipper as its a tight spot and I only just fit past the hive and they never bounce off me or even seem to notice me

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