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Multifunction tray

It seems like whenever I pull out the tray to check it bees always go under the screen. I assume that those bees will be trapped if the tray goes in? Is there enough room for them to get out the back if I leave the vent cover off? I fear that more bees will just end up getting trapped under there… Any comments?

I had this issue after removing the tray and forgetting to replace it. Didn’t notice the bees underside when I did remember the tray was out and put it back in.

Next day I saw the spirit bubble flickering and was curious as to why and removed the air vent to be greated by some very agitated bees :see_no_evil::joy:.

A few had been squashed but after sweeping the underside with my bee brush till clear and replacing the tray not had any inside.

No matter how hard you try it’s an occupational hazard as a beekeeper that you’ll squish a few bees from time to time.

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I put the tray in almost all the way with the hope of not squishing bees at the front and was able to just get the cover on for a few minutes by loosening the L screws a couple turns. I went back and took to cover off and dodged a few angry bees and more walking out from behind and then pushed the tray in the rest of the way and replaced the cover. Maybe they were able to get over the back edge and behind the cover…

I feel awful seeing any of them get squished… But I know it happens and as my technique improves hopefully it will happen less!!

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