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Multiple eggs In a cell

Today’s inspection looked great lots of brood, bees, honey and pollen. However, one cell in the middle of this picture appears to have multiple eggs in it. This is one of the only cells I found with this problem so am wondering if it can happen that the queen occasionally lays multiple eggs in a cell or do I have a worker laying eggs?

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I would say you have a worker bee laying RiverMerle. Did you spot the queen when you opened it up? I would say your box is queen less as this is usually why a worker bee takes up the laying duties

Yes we found the queen and watched her lay a few eggs. image


I think she was just trying too hard! :blush: The eggs look well-placed (not like laying worker’s eggs) and she looks like a beautiful queen. I wouldn’t worry. Nature is messy and wonderful, like art. Sometimes we just have to admire it, not try to understand all of it. This looks fine to me, with the other nice eggs you have in the same photo. Don’t worry. :wink:


I was going to reply but Dawn stole my thunder.

Anyway, there are records of new queens laying multiple eggs per cell. This guy certainly thinks his new queen is doing just that.