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My 1st Inspection!


Hi gang,
I installed my package of bees on April 22nd. My queen was released on the following Monday, the 25th. I finally got a chance to do my first inspection on Tuesday May 3rd. I’m so happy with the progress of my girls. The queen (I’ve named her Victoria) has been really busy and laying in strong patterns. I saw eggs, larvae and some capped brood. They seem pretty happy in their new home.

This is a close up of one of the frames. It’s so awesome to see all the little ones in the cells. Spring is finally showing here (Chicago area) so they’ve been out foraging and filling their pollen pants. :slight_smile:

So excited they’ve begun on a good note. I hope you’re all having great experiences as well.


Great photo! Is this a full plastic frame? Or just plastic foundation?


Sorry that made me giggle:laughing:


That is perfect; larva floating in royal jelly.


Hi there,

Thanks so much!

This is a full plastic frame. They had a wax coating on them. Bees had no trouble working them.



I’m so glad! I saw that somewhere and just loved it. :slight_smile:


Yep! I couldn’t be happier :slight_smile: