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My Bees and 1st taste of honey

Thought id post, finally. FYI I’m in Perth Western Australia

Obviously new to beekeeping and i had a couple of setbacks early on in the piece, but with the help of a local chap, he assisted in setting up the Flow Hive with a swarm of bees.

The lil buggers are fantastic, non aggressive and have been working their little backsides off since October when we 1st housed them in the brood box. Once that was mostly filled i put a 8 frame Langstrom box on top with a Q excluder between the 2. Honestly, with all the flowers in bloom here on the flats (im not in the hills where they have been struggling), and a good variety of them that was full in about 3 weeks. I was surprised.

So today, I went in and checked them and it was like a bee fair, lots of them and mostly full frames. So on went the Flowhive today and even though flowers are tapering off as the heat starts to set in me thinks i should be able to extract some honey from the top within the month.

But the best bit, my 1st taste of their work, took a little bit, the smell of pollen through it and the warm sweetness, wow. Makes the shop bought stuff taste like mud.

Amazing. Any1 else from here locally fairing the same ???


Hi, I’m on the east coast, we’re having an unusual quiet time for this time of year.

I had my first taste of honey from my own bees nearly 30 years ago. I remember how special that was. I made a bit of a mess in the kitchen, but it was worth it.


Hi Rodadon, I’m in northern suburbs of Perth. First year for our girls, had a bit of a setback loosing our queen, but still have taken 6 kg from three frames. Still about 5 frames in super that are pretty well full. Our flow super was filling a lot slower but they are were using them. So I have just converted my 6 flow super into two 3 frame hybrid supers I made, one of which is now back on the original hive, the other will be for my nuc when it arrives (hopefully this week) when it is ready for it, which will be our second hive🙂
Cheers Tim

Timbo,sounds like u have them sorted

Im interested to see how quick they will adapt to the flow hive…Just checked on them thru the window in the F.H and plenty of bees in there atm just walking round, ill have a quick pick end of the week and see how there doing…

Now to see if they start using the flow frames…Ill keep u posted.

BTW, whats a rough guesstimate of qty of honey from 1 flow frame, just curious

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About 2 litres or 3kg if the frame is fully capped. :wink:


Gee is that all? I thought it was more like half a gallon Dawn…


ROFLOL! I am bilingual… Grew up with Imperial measures, changed to metric while I was at school, then moved to the US and had to learn US vs UK gallons/pints etc… Anyhow, you so funny!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have my first jar from nearly ten years ago still.
Pale and clear and no granulation at all.
I have saved a jar from the first batch every year since


I didn’t get as much honey from my frames as one was crystalised. Cheers Tim

Dawn, thanks for the guesstimate. I was surprised at how quickly bees can fill and cap 8 frames if conditions are right. We have a wide variety of flowering plants round the metro area so they have plenty to choose from.

Ill be happy if i can pull honey from a couple of frames out of the FH. The middle super is full but i pushed all the frames hard up to one side which left a gap between frame and box on the other side of the box. Well the bees filled it up with honey n propolis, so im going to take just that out.

Probably make a bit of a mess when extracting but they will have ample stores anyways. And il get to again taste some of their magic. the honey is really quite clear and has a smell which only we know being so close to the hive. Kinda ‘polleny’ smell, if their is such a word, lol.

Cant wait to give some to mum, as this will result in some yumo cake or biscuits or something. Her baking skills are 2nd to none.

Yes frustrating isn’t it. I put a second brood box on and it was full of brood and stores just over 2 weeks. Then the Flow super went on about 7 weeks ago and while it is jammed packed with bees every day,(I don’t think one more bee would fit in) …no honey yet. There is a lot of work going on in there but would seem the waxing and polishing is still being done.

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Just checked my flow frames on the weekend after 3 weeks on the hive - the gaps seemed to be sealed up and I did notice some nectar starting in the occasional cell but essentially still waxing and polishing. Hope I see some more action by the time I get to 7 weeks!

Plenty of honey surrounding the brood and all the brood frames are filled so I have my fingers crossed that there is some nectar flowing locally (east Oz). Queen has been doing a good a job given this is a new split in November (thanks @JeffH) - she is on the frame below.


Wow, “she is a ripper” as @JeffH would say! :smile: Nice brood pattern.

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Bee patient, thinking that the flow frames will fill in 4 weeks is a little optimistic. I’ve got my super on top of a full double brood, they are working their butts off and it’s approaching 4 weeks now and still no sign of when it will be full, although the middle frames have a fair bit of capped honey. I think that it may still take at least another couple of weeks

Oh I don’t know…
I’ve had bees fill and cap 35lbs of honey in a week plus two more supers in another three

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Dee, i had a quick look in the FH and saw quite a few bees reversing their lil backsides in doing their thing, well something lol… My gut feel tells me they are taking to them, guess ill know for sure within the week, perhaps 2

Sounds like it is going well :slight_smile:

I guess you know, but in case you don’t, you can paint or rub wax onto you Flow Frames to help the bees take to them quicker, and finish sealing the gaps quicker.


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Hi Paul, you’re most welcome. That’s a good looking frame of brood your showing there, if I do say so myself:)

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And very quiet to handle - must be the good bloodlines :wink:


Time to lose those gauntlets and swap to nitriles or…go commando :wink: