My bees have disappeared from the super after test harvest

Hi all ive had a great first year and with spring coming up i thought to try harvesting one frame as a test. Went well got 2 jars. But now there are mo bees going up to the super in the windows from full covered frames to barely any

Welcome Jeremy, what did you see when you last inspected, and when was that in re your harvest?

Top two reasons for seeing so few bees are a)swarming and b) a spill into the hive from your harvest, that most of the bees are now busy cleaning up where it might have run across brood frames and pooled at the base.

You’ll need to open the hive and look in on them either way, to help with cleanup in scenario b or to make decisions considering scenario a. After you check let us know what you find and we can give you guidance from there.