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My daughters bee suits just came in! :D


@cfd2474 @Dawn_SD Thought you all would want to see. Danika and Brielle (4 and 3) all suited up!


Fabulous. They look absolutely fantastic! :blush:


great fit… she looks adorable and a handful at the same time. :grin:


Lol yes they will be im sure.


The shiny purple footgear is a nice touch :wink:


I found that adjusting the Velcro inside the hat makes a huge difference. Also, I’m planning on trimming the fingers on the gloves and re-stitching them. The fingers seemed way too long.


Brielle picked those out and put them on herself, Eva she loves shoes lol. Danika not so much.


Yes, I see those bare piggies…I appreciate both aesthetics immensely. Lots of fun in store for you :couple_with_heart_woman_woman:


Very cool. What brand?



these are the 4xs


Thanks. I bookmarked them.


Very cool to bring the junior beeks along. We have 2 suits at the house for when grandchildren visit.