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Need toddler beekeeping suits x4!

Only kidding, but my kids love the bees! I think we are pushing our luck getting so close to these bees, but they seem calm. Famous last words?

Edited to add: yes we have epipens and Benadryl. I appreciate the concern!


Um very dangerous. Hope you have multiple epipens and live close to a hospital to get them there should they have an allergic reaction. Can I emphasize that this is a bad idea?

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Good that the kids are interested but right in front of the hive and bare skin is pushing your luck. It would only take one or two ‘hot’ guard bees to start an attacking frenzy for that scene to suddenly turn pear shaped. Prevention is better than having to use epee-pens and Benadryl.

Thanks for the advice! We will stay further away!

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That’s all good advice @Peter48, however what about the noise when the kid gets stung. At least they’re all wearing shoes. There’s nothing worse than a kid stepping on a bee & getting stung on a foot. The noise is almost deafening. … Just kidding of course.

@linzisimons, keeping their feet covered is something to bare in mind because there is always half dead bees somewhere on the ground near a bee hive. What are their ages? by the way.


I’m actually surprised that they have shoes :grimacing: My 2 boys got stung by bees the day before we got our hives because they like to pick up bees. We went over “no touching” of the bees and stay 10 feet away, but no one listens to me. I will make sure to enforce my rules better though!

In the order they are sitting, from left to right, they are 3, 2, 6 and 5. Both the 6 and 5 year old have asked for bee suits for their birthdays, so maybe one day I will get them some!


Wow, you sure have a bundle of joy there, your a definite 10 :smiley: :smiley:

Haha! I love my kiddos :slight_smile:

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I got my 2 yr old a suit off ebay for $30USD because he wanted to be so close all the time. Great quality and keeps him safe! He loves it

Awesome! That’s good to know!