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Little kids and bee keeping


Just for fun, I let my kids try on their new beekeeper suits. Apart from the fight over who got to wear the littlest one first :roll_eyes::joy:, there was much delight and excitement. We haven’t got our bees just yet, but they can’t wait.


Didn’t take long to get those gloves off I see.


Lol, nope! They will get a fairly strongly worded warning about stings, but I suspect that the best teacher will be the first sting each :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You have a couple of willing workers there Bella.


Our 4 year old took her bee suit to school as part of bee education. It got a lot of wows and even more education. She was proud to put it on to show for even more wow.
She prob told a few stories of her beekeeping adventures, safely tucked away in her suit.