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My First Bumblebee of 2015


My first bumblebee of 2015. Bumblebees are Total Koo!
Love Bees, theOZer

Date filmed: MAY-14-2015 Length: 00:04:13 Size: 494 MB Format: AVCHD
Camera: Sony HDR-PJ440 Handycam
Video Software: Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite, PlayMemories Home
Video FX: NewBlue MSPPS Color Fixer Plus - OpenFX
Transitions: Movie Studio Platinum 3D Blinds
Location: Pikes Peak Region, Colorado, USA
YouTube link:


You’ve got to love them :smile:
I’m watching a gang of drones hustling the newly emerging Bombus hypnorum queens coming out of a nest in the eaves.
They’ve been there all day and will be till it gets dark.


Film it! Oh please, oh please.


What is that she’s forging on Gooseberry bush??