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Love Bees Remastered - Bee Lover's Cut Video


The Remastered version has been cropped down to 2 minutes. “Love Bees” was originally released on YouTube on May 23, 2014, and was 8 minutes (way too) long. I made the original “Love Bees” video to show people we need not fear bees, we need to love bees. And get involved with preserving Apis Mellifera, a very valued insect, our beloved honeybee.
Love Bees, theOZer

Length: 00:02:05 | Size: 252 MB | Format: MP4
Date filmed: May 23, 2014 | Date remastered version published: June 26, 2015
Camera: filmed on a Sony PS3 Gaming Console using Sony PS3 EYE Create camera at 720p
Video FX: NewBlue MSPPS Color Fixer Plus - OpenFX
Video Editor: Used MS Movie maker to convert Sony PS3 MP4 format to ‘usable’ MP4 format then polished using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13
Location: Pikes Peak Region, Colorado, USA
YouTube link:


That is fantastic, thank you OZer for posting this, I share your passion for bees. People tell me they want to help the bees but haven’t got the time to keep bees themselves. I tell them to simply plant lots of native flowering species in their yard. This not only helps the bees that we’re talking about but all the native species as well as native wasps.


JeffH, Yes! Love Bees. I have what I call a ‘bee yard.’ I am daily shooting a static-framed 3-second clip of the front yard with the intent to do a time-lapsed video on my daily 3-second clips from April 1st, 2015, through end of September, 2015, as an animated film, with there being around 200+ days of 3-second clips in all that will be merged together as one time stream.