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My Full Flow has a gap between door and the metal strip


As you can see the metal strip and the bottom of the door do not meet (I checked your image and it absolutely should). Is there a way I can get a door that is not too short? I have bees coming on the 13th, I am assuming I am going to need to bodgy up something to go on the bottom on the door - I have foam weather stripping for windows, would that be suitable or would they chew it up?


You won’t need to bodge anything up. Just get a replacement. Unless you are installing an existing colony bursting with bees and 6 frames of brood you won’t need that super on yet.
PS. I think the whole lot looks rough and ready. Those dovetails should be smooth, surely?


No just getting a 5 frame nuc. Thanks for the reassurance! (you read all the dire warnings about gaps).

Well some of the rustic-ness will come from my building as I am no carpenter that’s for sure.


@Allison you have used an incorrect piece; The 2 sides that belong to the metal strip have slight rebates to allow for the strip. I nearly did that as well I will flag this for the Bee thinking team and the Flow Team


Ooops. Just as well somebody is on the ball.
Oh and Allison I wasn’t casting aspersions on your woodwork…honestly :slight_smile:


@Allison Valli appears to be correct. As she said, there are very slight rebates at the bottom of one end of two of the sides. The metal strip will go into those and the gap will go away. You probably just need to reverse the ends of the box. That may need to be clearer in the instructions.


Have to disagree if you are talking about the rebate for the metal strip - the strips IS in it

, As you can see it is flush with the bottom. It is the door that is too short, or the rebates not deep enough.


I just went and unscrewed - one rebate is definitely not as deep as the other, but even so that’s not going to help. I could try and cut away the wood but I will see what comes back from the Flow team (ugh terrible quality pics)


This isn’t fine furnishing, is it ; -)

Looks like some coarse sand paper or a bit of judicious whittling or filing will level it a bit. Looks not quite deep enough at the rear.

And the bees will prop up little spaces just fine.


Bring that around my place, I’ll fix it in no time.


@Allison Sorry Allison, it seemed the incorrect end - No dispersion casting here I can assure you.

Hopefully the Bee Thinking team can set you right.

It does look like the second set of photos the rebate is not quite deep enough.

Is it possible to sand it back a bit?


If it is unable to be sorted out here sufficiently with help from the Beethinking guys (and other forum users) -
Contact us at Flow and we will look into the best way to fix the problem for you.

Once the Flow frames are in the box the bees will not be able to get out via that door anyway - the front panel on the frames should create a wall.


Excellent, thank you - Ok I shall take to it with something sharp and pointy. I had sent a support email yesterday but that shall probably not be needed.


Hahah Thanks. I am out in the middle of nowhere literally - 700 acres of bush at one end of the Pilliga forest - a loooooong way from Buderim!


Can the bees get to it and propolise it to seal it? If not can other pests (ants) get in?


And sorted


Well done!..


Very nice, looks great


Glad to see it’s an error and not a factory flaw. Otherwise slit isn’t big enough to create a real problem. Bees will usually take of problem areas with propolis and wax build up. They do quite well at protecting their homes.


It was a factory flaw…but easily fixed with a hand saw