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My Stand Is Modified


If I was a bee, I would not like them pesky p ants inviting themselves in my home. Maybe this will work. Couldn’t believe how much these lag screws cost.


It looks like it might do the job. I have noticed a few ants wandering around and tried cinnamon but that didn’t work. I like your idea, thanks for posting the pictures.


I tried a modification of @Michael_Bush’s method. I think he uses 1 part cheap grape jelly, 1 part borax and one part water. I used some thickened fruit flavored simple syrup (I made too much for a dessert) mixed in equal parts with borax. I put it into a small mason jar, with a circle of #8 hardware cloth cut to fit the lid, then fastened that down with a canning ring. I half buried the jar in the ground near where the ants were trailing up into the hive. One week later, zero ants, and I mean zero! :smile:


hoping this cinnamon works since they will have to swim the moat of oil and cinnamon to get up the leg


Any updates on how your anti-ant moats are working, Chet?


they are working great. I like them and they were easy and fairly inexpensive.


Looking good. One thing to keep in mind is that oil floats on water, so when it rains the rain water will flow all your oil out so you will need to refill this after ever major storm.


Soon as I getaroundtuit I’m going to try to attach a piece of tin on to the bottom of the post on both sides of the cups to act as a roof. Maybe that will work. We shall see.


Something I’ve always wondered…if the colony will attempt to defend themselves from other robbing bees, how come they cant kill piddly little ants?? :smirk:


Force of numbers… Number of guard bees is limited, and ants can just swamp them.