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Native stingless bees and European bees


Hi All
I have two established native stingless bee hives in my garden. And I am interested in the Flow hive.

I am just not sure if they would get along well.

It would be greatly appreciated if experienced beekeepers on the forum could share their knowledge and experiences with me?

Thanks in advance.



They wil get along fine Virginia, I have 3x native bee hives in my garden sharing with several honeybee hives.


Hi Virginia. We have lots of different native bees and they even collect nectar from the same flowers at the same time.


I think @JeffH also has several native hives and dozens of Langstroths on his property, with no problems that he has commented on. In fact, I believe that one of his native hives did well enough to split. Is that correct, Jeff?


Hi Dawn, good morning :slight_smile: Yes I had one native hive right behind my observation beehive. They don’t fight, unless a bee gets too close to the native hive entrance. This is what happened one day when a bee got too close to the native hive entrance.



Thanks very much Rodderick, Dawn, webclan and Jeff. That’s reassuring to know.