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Natural pesticide use


Isn’t the human race ingenious




Hi Dee, you can buy on-line those traps where the mice get in but find it hard to get out. Then you can do what you like with them:) The mice aren’t eating my strawberries, just the blue tongue lizard. Not this year hopefully, I’m thinking I raised my boxes high enough so they can’t reach them.


Thanks @JeffH
I have some raised and they are OK
It’s the ones on the ground that are being messed with. I will move them next year


Hi Dee, I’ve been pottering around in my garden today with my latest craze, inspired by one of my honey customers. This lady started bringing me worm juice out of her worm farm. She actually paid a fortune for the worms. I discovered you don’t need to pay a fortune for compost worms. You can find your own. Here’s my video of it, cheers.

PS. if you checkout my other worm farm video you’ll see some flow hives in the background that belong to customers plus you’ll see the mini worm farm I built… And my young strawberry plants.


Jeff you are a star. I love the worms. I compost everything and it all ends up on the garden and the veg patch. Everything else gets fed to the hens


Thank you Dee, I’m going to be taking my mini worm farm into the local ABC radio studio next Monday. I’m also on the radio, you can find my interviews online, however they haven’t put any of this years online. Here’s one of them from last year.
I’m thinking it’ll probably be the first time they ever had a worm farm in the studio. I have 2 of them in the kitchen now where it’s a bit warmer They’re both very strong, I think it’s time for a walk-away split.


Didn’t know we could hear you on the radio too! :slight_smile: Will have to see if I can tune in from down here somehow…what time?


Hi Kirsten, thank you. I’m on every fortnight now. Between 9.30 & 10.00 a.m. on a Monday. Unless something unforeseen happens like a politician phones in who they had been trying to get on the air for ages to give a good grilling to. That’s what happened last time. There’s another bloke who also has a youtube channel comes on every other Monday… All being well, I’m on next Monday.

You can probably hear it online, cheers


Hi @Kirsten_Redlich, probably about the same time I was typing this, the folk at the ABC decided my time was up. I didn’t get to do that next talk. The announcer is getting into bees because he bought a property at, would you believe, Cooroy. He ordered a colony of bees from me & he wants me to be his on-air bee guru:), in the spring. I’ll see what happens there.


That’s funny :smile:, you have to tell him about Cooroy’s Black Mountain! A shame you won’t be able to do that show anymore but I hope I’ll be able to listen in to the Bee broadcasts, I might be able to ring up & ask a question :relaxed:


Hi Kirsten, I thought about phoning him to let him know about the hive in the tree, seeing as he lived up there. Then I remembered that he doesn’t do anything outside of his work hours. I learned that early in the piece. I started to get the impression that all of his learning about bees was going to come from me going into the studio & 5 minute talks. Also via email. He bought his box & frames in quite a few weeks ago for me to put bees in. The box was just painted copper napthenate. I told him to take the box home & give it a few coats of paint. He hasn’t done that yet. If he can’t do that, he probably hasn’t got time to devote to caring for the bees. Time will tell.


Disappointing, & yes it sounds like he isn’t really trying too hard does it.


Using natural pesticides can lower the risk for you dealing with poisonous chemicals.