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Nebraska State Beekeeping group isn't helpful, ideas?


I have been hunting around the current posts and am sorry if someone else already asked, but we are such a busy community it’s easy to miss posts on the Flow Forums.

My question is: My state Beekeeping group (Nebraska) hasn’t respond to any of my contact attempts and our local Extension center only has classes about 8+ hours away. Should I just go start asking the local honey sellers if they would let me come and learn or what? I am really bummed about the Nebraska Beekeeping group just ignoring my messages and even FB posts on their (active) page.


I am in North Carolina and each county has an Agriculture Dept. Is it the same in Nebraska too? If so, that is where you should start making your contacts. Bees are considered livestock. Most AG centers offer Beekeeping classes. By all means talk to those who make local honey. You would enjoy and benefit the hands on training and practical experience. Good luck to you :smile:


Many of the beekeepers running the local clubs are not into email or facebook as a communication method, if there is a landline telephone contact number then use this to ring or leave messages. Speaking from personal experience where my local club committee rarely check emails and some of the contacts don’t have a computer. Thats beekeepers for you.


Thanks for the info. I will go down these “roads.”


Omaha Bee Club

Nebraska Beekeepers’ Association

Micheal Bush lives in Nebraska.

Beekeepers List for Nebraska

Alissa Erickson
Culbertson Nebraska 69024
Cell: 308-340-7157
Email: alissaphotofix@yahoo.com
Honey bee hive removal within 60 miles of Culbertson

Buzz Vance
Buzz’s Bees
Lincoln NE 68512
Cell: 402-328-9709
Email: buzzvance.2@netzero.net
Will collect swarms of honeybees in the open (not inside a wall or tree hollow) in the Lincoln, NE area.

Mike Levine
Fruit of Levine LLC
Omaha Nebraska 68135
Cell: 402-670-9900
Email: mdl1356@gmail.com
Honey Bee Swarm removals Near Omaha We will remove,for FREE, swarms of honey bees that are suspended/clustered together in a large mass from tree branches; bushes; shrubs or attached to any other external surface areas. We do not do bee removals from any internal surface structures, including hollow tree cavities.

Eric Klaus
Beatrice NE 68310
Cell: 402-882-1001
Email: eric.klaus@gmail.com
Website http://about.me/ericlklaus
Removal of swarms from trees, shrubs, and external swarms. No cut-outs, hollow tree or internal structure colony removal. If you have bees “in” your tree, congratulations, you have bees!

Tom Person
Beatrice NE 68310
Cell: 402-450-8239
Email: tom.person@exmark.com
Swarm removal within 20 miles of Beatrice

John Stanner
Piece of Heaven Farm
Brainard Nebraska 68626
Cell: 402-943-6249
Email: stannerjt@gmail.com
Swarm removal and cutouts within 60 mile radius (or so)

Roy Rayner
Company Saddlecreek Apiaries
Omaha/Co. Bluffs NE/IA 68106
Cell: 402-657-3652, 402-289-7972, 402-551-0154
Email: rrayner1@cox.net
We will remove swarms of bees gathered in large quantities, suspended from tree branches, or clustered on exterior surfaces. We do not perform interior removals of any kind, but will refer you to people who do. The removals are free within 25 miles of Omaha/Co.Bluffs.

Terry Hofaker
Holdrege Nebraska 68949
Cell: 308-991-9948
Email: hothehandyman@yahoo.com
Will relocate bees within a 60 mile radius of Holdrege, NE. Please leave a detailed description of when you saw the bees and where. Please leave name and number so I can contact you.

Jonathan Werner
Email: wernj661@yahoo.com
Lincoln NE 68502
Cell: 402-417-4768
Free swarm removal in the Lincoln area. Willing to travel.

Lee Smith
Email: leesmith45@gmail.com
Henderson Nebraska 68371
Cell: 620-899-4714
Will remove swarms hanging outside of structures or on trees for free within a 50 mile radius of Henderson, NE. Call (620) 899-4714.

Roy Raymer
Email: rrayner1@cox.net
Omaha NE 68106
Business: 402-551-0154
Cell: 402-289-7972
FREE removal of honey bees from tree branches, bushes, shrubs and external surface areas. NO internal structures of any kind, including hollow tree cavaties. We offer 24/7 service.

Joe Smith
Northeast Nebraska
Phone: 402-675-6815

Western Nebraska, Eastern Wyoming Panhandle Beekeeping

Awesome thanks for the info. I got the following names last night (from the Nebraska Beekeeper Association):

Brian Nilson
Brian and Janet Alberts have the class in Grand Island
Ron Babcock has a class in Hastings


Hi there! I’m from Lincoln and am having the same problem as you. I cannot get ANY ONE to return my calls. Not even the guy from the AG place that gives beginning bee keeping classes. And I have called and left several messages inquiring about classes. It has been so sadly disappointing. Where in NE are you? Maybe we can join forces and find someone to help!


Totally other end of the state. Scottsbluff :smile:


I’m in Lincoln and unl should have a class this fall. I can send you info later . I think we can buy bees in neb city. Good nite


That is awesome! Thanks for the help and I look forward to getting the info!!!


Jcunningham1@unl.edu. This person can put you on the list for Oct. Also NE Beekprs has a class on Oct 4th at 1:30. They are redoing the web site. See if you can find it. Still working on bees. CYA


Did you find a place to order bees yet.
Also unl has classes on April do you need the information?


I saw the class in North Platte, right? It falls on the EXACT same date as I had other plans in Lincoln so right now I am debating cancelling my plans in Lincoln and going to North Platte.

Murdoch’s (we have one in Scottsbluff, NE - near where I am) e-mailed be about being able to pre-order Bee’s to deliver in April/May to thier stores and after talking with Michael Bush on another thread he suggest I go for the Carniolan bee’s they offer as they will do better in Western Nebraska - http://www.murdochs.com/shop/murdochs-carniolan-bees-3lbs/

I am just researching my tools I need to get ordered so I am ready as my Flow Hive just shipped! Actually making a list I think is good and asking on another thread in the forums right now :slightly_smiling: