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Massachusetts, and NE USA flow hive group


Hello, I’m interested in learning and getting together with others to learn about natural beekeeping with the FlowHive. I have no beekeeping experience, but did a lot of research on bee keeping in Canada this past year for a sustainable supply chain investigation with my permaculture work.


I would also love to connect with some others in MA! I myself have zero beekeeping experience as of yet but I am excited to get into it in the next few years or so. Trying to learn as much as I can in the meantime and hearing from locals beekeepers would be a huge help!


Hi - I am interested in bee keeping, particularly the Flow system. Would love to have some friends to share information with. I’m in the Worcester County, MA area.


Hi folks,
hope to share FYI… since Flow User must be Honey lovers as well!

check this “Honey101” out!


Hello Everyone,
I too will be a new bee keeper come next year. The local Bee Schools in the areas should start up soon. http://massbee.org/bee-school
I am located North of Boston if anyone is in the area.

I know that Crystal Bee Supply offers bee school too but seemed pretty blatantly dismissive when I called asking to register for classed and mentioned my future Flow Hive. I will be calling other folks to find a more open minded bee school.



Hello everyone, I’ve been reading a lot about bees and different things and wanted to try it out myself. I’m interested in the honey flow hive as it seems super simple and such a great Idea. I wish it wasn’t going to take so long to ship one here to MA. I’m located on Cape Cod and have to find where to get bees from if I do purchase one of these hives. I was going to purchase it as a gift, but I feel like it might turn into something i be doing more then the gf.


we really have the state covered but none close enough to work together. i am in NE MA, greenfield area. also a newbee. just received the hive and put it together. the flow frames are coming in a separate box. will be going to see the local bee people soon.


You sound as if you are in 2 minds - I suggest if you are serious you need to plan for keeping a hive - it cannot be done on the spur of a whim it need real commitment.

You don’t buy a pet on a whim you learn about the needs and bees are no different




I think you’re right edspicket. :smile:

Did you find any local bee resources?

I ended up signing up for Bee School through the New England Beekeeping Supplies out of Tyngsboro. https://registration.xenegrade.com/abschools/courseDisplay.cfm?schID=11160

Which starts later this month. There were a few closer schools but since I work full-time I preferred something on the weekends.

I’m still waiting on my Flow Hive but hopefully it will be show up in time for the end of the class.



I haven’t gone to see them yet, but near Yankee Candle there is Warm Colors Apiary. They have classes and sell bees and such.


Hi there! I’m from MA and would love to find more people interested in the flow hive as well as traditional hives. So far the rule of thumb has been don’t mention your flow hive lol
I’m brand new, getting bees this year and can not wait!
My only concern is Winter and making sure they stay happy and healthy.


Hi Sara,
Welcome! Yeah, step one is don’t mention Flow Hives. Lol, there is an assumption that those that bought them aren’t interested in doing the of keeping a hive so I just avoid the topic all together. Have you signed up for bee school yet? I took a course out in Tyngsborough that was really helpful. I haven’t had much success, but it is a learning process. Is there a local bee club in your area? Regardless, WELCOME!


How has flow hive care gone in your area? I am just starting to do research with an eye to getting in to beekeeping.


From Rowley Ma. Going into my third year with Flowhive. I started with one hive the first year. Added a second the next and am adding a third this spring. So far I have harvested nearly 100lbs on just a July and September harvest. I give to all my family and friends. They say they have never tasted better honey. Unfortunately I have lost all my hives the past two winters. I would love to be able to keep them overwinter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


In order to help you, I have some questions:

  1. What did you find in the hive when you realized it was dead? (Brood? Capped honey? All cells empty? Dead bees or empty hive with no bees? Bees in cells - which way round, head in or head out?)
  2. What wintering preparations did you do?
  3. How many hive boxes for brood?
  4. Did you do mite counts? If not, would you be prepared to treat if you found a significant Varroa infestation? (Varroa is the commonest cause of overwinter loss, followed by condensation chilling the cluster). If you did mite counts, what method did you use?
  5. Did you feed? If so, with what and when?

If you can give us a bit more information, we can probably help you have a better chance next winter.