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Lincoln NE - new to bee keeping and looking for anyone in the area willing to help!


I am very new to bee keeping and am looking for local help. I tried contacting the local association with no luck. It almost seems like bee keepers here don’t like new comers. I’m hoping this forum will help me find at least one keeper that doesn’t mind helping a newbee!!


Greetings from Casper, WY

Only about 600 miles away, so not real handy for a ‘drop in look see’, but happy to do what I can.

Best to ya!


I’m 40 miles from central Lincoln. You are welcome to come out and see my hives and talk bees.


That is wonderful! Thank you soooooo much. I was worried I wouldn’t find some one in the area willing to help a newbee! When would you be available to get together? We live in SE Lincoln. Feel free to email me I can send you my phone number so we can set up a time to meet! Thank you again. dmconly3@hotmail.com


I sent you an email.


We just bought a house. I’m hoping I’ll have time to prep still before spring. If you’re looking for someone within the city limits, I’ll be around.


I would be very interested in getting intouch with you. Please email me so we can set up a time to meet. Thank you sooo much! dmconly3@hotmail.com