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Nectar flow in alpine CA?


When does the nectar flow stop in alpine CA.?


I cut a wild hive out of my dog kennel and put the brood in frames and boxes. I’m curious when the nectar flow in alpine California 91901, starts and stops. Any help?


Hi Clark, I am about 40 miles coastal from you (Point Loma in San Diego city), and our nectar flow stopped about 7 weeks ago. I would think yours would be similar. I have a hive scale which has shown a down trend since the beginning of July:

I am actually starting to feed a couple of my hives which are a bit short on stores, and varroa treatment is under way. :wink:

Edit: Just realized i only answered half of the question. So I think it stops early July. Decent nectar flow down here started in early March.


My brother lives in Alpine. I am trying to get him into Bee keeping. Nice haul.


Thanks for that info Dawn. I suspected that it was over from my hive checks. Didn’t see any more stores being made. I kept most of their honey and will use it to feed them over the winter as needed.