Need bee behavior analysis

His paper and videos will give a much better description than I ever could but here we go

Mr. Eddie Woods during World War II Study and document the sounds that bees make during different activities. He was able to develop Recording and sound levels each of these activities. During swarming, The bees make a certain sound. There has been people talk about hearing clicking noises and that clicking noise has a specific activity it’s related to the bees and that is also been documented and this device glistens all for those sounds

If the hype is overheated and has carbon monoxide unit, The bees are making a different sound because they’re fanning a different way then removing moisture out of honey sells

If the bees are agitated for some reason they do make a different sound in any of the other sounds.

There’s been many papers written on this, Sergio has just taken all those papers and documented sounds and created a library that’s stored within your mobile device that correlates that sounds for different activities

During World War II, there was a BBC interview with Mr. Woods which I provided the link on here somewhere if I can attach it to this I will, But he talked about being able to detect a swarm potentially happening up to 30 days in advance