New bees balling up on ground

New wild caught swarm that was on the shoulder of a roadway. There is now a pile balled up on the ground, and one near the lid.

Screenshot_20200605-193452_PicsArt|659x500 . All are live. Did for sure capture queen when catching swarm. Not sure whats up. Temp is mild today 60°F, partly sunny, no rain or wind.

Hey Katrina, the group on the ground you should carefully go through to check if your queen is there. I had two swarms recently where they were on the ground and there were two queens about to do battle but I was able to get them both. I wasn’t expecting them on the ground but it happens a lot more than you think.

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I totally agree with @Tim_Purdie and looking at your last photo can you see what I’m seeing on top of the cluster in the middle pointing 8:30 with the golden abdomen. Hope you were able to scoop them up and get then into the hive.
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