New Brood inspection - advice please

Hello bee keepers,
I’ve now done my first brood inspection after I transferred my bees from their 5 frame nuc to their 8 frame hive two weeks ago.

The 5 original frames are ‘buzzing’ with activity and look good. There was lots capped honey, open comb and some brood. I couldn’t find the queen…

My questions relate to the new frames. The end one was completely untouched. the one next to it had a small amount of new comb and the 8th on the other side of the hive was well covered and very active although not complete.

I’ve added some photos to show you the progress. Based on all the advice you’ve all given me, I’ve now added a feeder and I’ll check again in two weeks to see how much more advanced those new frames are - with the addition of a feeder.

I’d love any thoughts on the images as to whether you think this is a ‘normal’ amount of growth after two weeks, or whether it is slow, fast etc just so I can get a gauge of whether the hive is tracking well.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Tamara, I think they are going great guns! If they have only been in there for 2 weeks they have made fantastic progress. Drawing their own comb takes a lot of effort and resources. Offering them a feeder will certainly be beneficial.
Don’t go adding the super too early as this can hinder their growth. I wouldn’t think that you would need it until the spring.
Well done so far.


@tamara, don’t be too concerned about finding your Queen, if there is fresh brood she is there somewhere, she can be very bashful. I got my bees mid November 2020, and it was only 2 weeks ago that I sighted my queen for the very first time. The beekeeper whom I bought my nuc from, said just look for fresh brood, and eventually you will find her, and now I have 3 months after getting her.


thanks guys… Yes I guess the super will have to wait till Spring. I’m prepared to be patient. Is there a kind of guide as to how long a really active hive will take - one the super is added - until we might harvest? Can you harvest from one flow frame or do you need to wait until they are all full?


Hi Tamara, looking good there :+1:

As to ‘fill-rate’ for the super, there are too many factors influencing this process to arrive at a consistent time line. Size & health of population, nectar flow, sunny days/rainy days, humidity levels…you just have to watch and wait :blush: But, yes - you can certainly harvest just one frame if you like! In fact, it’s a good idea to harvest incrementally so the colony can keep up with a good flow.


You can harvest from one frame at a time, just make sure that it is at least 80-90% capped first :slight_smile:

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