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New Educational Kid's Bee Game


Hey everyone,

I created an educational game designed to teach kids about bees. It’s really made to empower adults so that they can teach kids about bees in a fun way. I use it to enhance my school presentations, but I also have had tons of fun playing it with my nieces and nephews. You can read more below or by going to my website.

Introducing the Story of Bees!

"Enter the fascinating world of honey bees with this imaginative and educational game! Children will delight as they become part of a swarm in search of a new nesting site. Each child assumes the role of a worker bee with special job assignments to help their colony grow. As they act out their jobs, a compelling tale unfolds: The Story of Bees! Children will buzz, run, sing and dance their way through colony life all while learning real, factual information about bees. They will face threats, make sacrifices and overcome it together, illustrating the benefits of teamwork. The Story of Bees! is flexible and can be played in a variety of settings with mixed ages and with a large range of group sizes.

Hilary first created this game to enhance her children’s bee presentation for schools. Over the years she has played it in classrooms, with homeschool groups, girl scouts and with her nieces and nephews! She designed and self published this hard copy version so that others may use it as a teaching tool. The Story of Bees! will help children understand the importance of bees, teamwork, leadership and conservation! "


Hillary, looks like a cute n informative learning Bee Game. Thankz for sharing … Looks like we’ve missed the Pre-Sales date looking at your info… I was thinking it might be useful even in my Adult Vietnamese ESL class … What do you think ?

Ta ta,


That’s an interesting idea. Honestly, I have never played with adults before so I am not sure how that would go. It is kind of a silly imaginative physical game. There isn’t as much talking. It is more action based.


Hi Hilery,

Not sure it would work either. I always say, nothing ventured … Nothing gained. We’ve had many things flap we thot were great n then some crazy little idea, game or process works n fits like a charm !

Let me think more about it … Get back to you. Still looks like a cool idea n game for the younger set/kids ! We’ve even thought our Vietnamese student (adults 40 thru 85 yrs) nursery songs n rhythms !

Have a great week ahead.