Video: Teaching my kids - Putting nuc into a brood box

Here is a little video of me installing a nuc into a brood box with help from my little beekeepers.

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Hmm, says the video is private.

Should be fixed now. Forgot to change the setting

Great video! :wink:

Very nice nucleus you have got there, and fabulous nuc box that they came in! Your little helpers are adorable, and grandpa did a superb job. The bee suits and equipment for the children looks just right to keep them interested and confident - they are lucky to have such a good father. Love your apiary too - beautifully constructed. Thank you for sharing, really brought a smile to my day.

This is my most favorite beekeeping video now :slight_smile:

I so wish my 15 and 17 year-old teenagers were that little, sweet, and adorable again.

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Bro !

Excellent way to teach your family beekeeping n skill. Create a possible interest at a young age. It seems some take to new interests quicker than others.

Great video … Well done … I like your patience. They will even learn photography skills as you review the flix. I learned picture taking very young from my dad.

That’s for the awesome share of one of your families life events. :+1:

Keep up the great work. Your an amazing dad. Proud of you… We need a lot more.


. My baby hens eating dead bees around the hives.

Seriously @cfd2474, your kids are so sweet I think I developed diabetes watching this.

Way to teach them and create memories!

Thanks guys, my kids couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards. They had to tell everyone that they have their own bee suits and they got to see the bees with daddy. Now they keep asking when we are doing it again… Trying to tell a 3 and 4 year old to wait a couple weeks is like asking them to wait forever!

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Great job raise the young of the world, we need more people like you. Just Bee Happy and they too will bee have.