New have missing frame question

Hello, when i loaded my new hive i tried to follow instructions by removing a frame then putting the queen inside her box for 2 days. I then took out the plug but left the queen box in. I wanted to go in in a few days to add the frame and remove the queen box. However, it was cold or raining for weeks and when i got it the open space was filled with a column where the frame would be. It looks healthy with pollen, honey and what I think are brood. It looks fine to me. Should i just leave it or try to stick it into a frame? They are not fully filling the brood box yet so didn’t want to mess with them. Any thoughts? Thanks.

If you can get it out in a big chunk then I’d recommend rubberbanding it into an empty frame. Are they drawing good combs in the other frames?

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If the bees are building the other frames nice & straight, I would be inclined to leave it there for the time being. My reason being that after a while the middle frame will finish up to be mostly brood. Plus will be easier to handle once most of the honey is gone. The comb will be stronger after a few generations of leftover cocoons to strengthen it, making it easier to rubber band into a frame.

PS, are you a bee-haver?

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Thank you both for responding. At the time they have not moved out mych from the center. There is a ton of honey in the comb. I don’t want to disturb them too much being a new hive. I only have this one which i am watching for my dad who can’t have one where he lives. I just feed them a lot to help them out. I don’t know what a bee-haver means. I think i will leave it for now and adjust it later.

Thanks again!!

I think one of the many bee puns is bee have/hive yourself.

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Lol, yes I’ve a lot to learn.

Hi Dan and welcome! I noticed you’re in MD so just wanted to suggest that you probably don’t need to be feeding the colony now. Here in SE PA the nectar flow is full-on, so most likely it’s the same or only a little further ahead/closer to dearth for you.

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