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New Hive Photos

Hi Everyone,

Here are a couple photos of frames from my first hive. We’re about 20 days in after installing the nuc and there were three empty frames. All the frames look like this now.

I think there are drone cells and worker cells but it looks like there are some capped cells and also some nectar cells? I was hoping for some feedback so I can start developing a better eye for these things.

Thank you kindly for your feedback!

Sydney, Australia



Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

First photo is not close enough for me to see (old eyes). However in the second photo, you have capped and uncapped brood (worker). I don’t see any drone brood there, but if you want to mark it up with an arrow, I could take another look. :wink:

Thank you Dawn_SD. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you are right. I was referring to some of the cells (in first photo in the top right part of the frame) looking larger, and thought they were cells for drones is all as they seemed larger. But maybe they are just filled with nectar and look larger?

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They look really good. It is rewarding when you see these sorts of results after all of our planning, cogitating and second guessing.

In the two frames I can see:
some developing larvae amoungst the capped worker cells
Like Dawn I think the cells you think are drone may be those with the lighter caping in the bottom left of the second photo which look like capped worker cells to me too.

Keep enjoying your journey



Thank you Adam! It’s great to get some confirmation from more expert eyes. I don’t want to guess.

And yes, it was so very rewarding to see this after such a short time! :slight_smile:

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I agree. Welcome to the forum.

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Hi Marcelle and welcome🌸 - those frames look beautiful!

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Great photo Dylan! And thank you everyone for the warm welcome! So glad I joined this group! :slight_smile: