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New hive with Flow super


I have a new hive with a Flow super. A queen excluder separates the Flow super from the brood box. My question is-how do I entice the bees to move up into the Flow super. It seems that they want to stay in the brood box. Would a top feeder draw them up into the Flow super?


@Pecanguy, aren’t you coming into winter??? If so, I’d be looking at getting everything prepped for winter and worry about honey production late winter/early spring.

Your bees will shift into the super when they are ready. Your super shouldn’t be on the brood box until your brood box is about 80% full of bees.


There is quite a lot of information on this forum site relating to getting your bees into the Flow super as well as in the FAQ section.

I waited until my bees had covered every frame and began building comb in the roof, it was also during a nectar flow in the middle of summer. In your circumstance, seeing that you are going into Fall I would reconsider having the Flow super on unless your winters are mild and there is some nectar around that the bees will collect and stor before winter sets in.



You should never feed with a harvesting super in place, unless you want syrup feed in your honey. :blush: I agree with the other two posts. At this time of year, I would be removing the Flow super and the queen excluder. It is too late for them to be used, so they should be stored until about March next year.

Before you put the super back on next year, consult the posts that @Rodderick suggested. :wink: