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New in Savannah, GA


Hi just bought a flow hive hybrid. Am brand new to this would love any feedback. We are in a savannah, GA.


Hiya Wes, welcome to the forum.
There are mixed feelings about the hybrid. There are a few threads on them with good info.
I have hybrids and they work fine. Thing is, I need an extractor as my honey frames are building up…


Hi there Wes & welcome! I have a Flow super but have yet to really use it because I’ve had trouble keeping colonies alive over winter here in Pennsylvania. I think the hybrid sounds like a nice way to have comb honey & straight honey! Good luck to you :cherry_blossom:

PS I adore Savannah :heart:️ All my relatives on my dad’s side live there & I’ve spent holidays there since childhood. And we just had a post Christmas reunion - but it was a lot chillier there this year than I’m used to!


Hi Eva are they doing any better now? Mine have started making comb in my flow super but am feeding them every day.


Yeah I need a good cheap extractor.


Nope, all dead. Waiting to see if a local beek will have a split or two for me soon.

Be careful feeding sugar syrup too long or your “honey” will be just that :slight_smile: